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Information is king, and anyone with it is deemed to be resourceful. As the world of technology has shown some rapid advancement, we have since shown our backs to the old ages when information about guides, products, and purchasing tips could only be got from specific people and institutions. At Bongchhlat, we have your interest served as we take the earliest opportunity to provide you with the much-needed information about product review, buying guide, purchase tips, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Product Review

Any time you wish to buy a new product, you may end up in the mix not knowing what is best for you. Well, you are not to blame. In any given class of products, numerous industrial players strive to get their fair share in the market space or merely get a cut out of it. All these companies have marketing gimmicks that in most cases, will only throw you into a sea of confusion at best.

To salvage this situation, we have an incredible team of product reviewers. Our team takes time to analyze each product available on the market. Where possible, we test the products for functionality. In other cases, however, we sample customer reviews of the product in question from various merchant company websites to help us come up with the crème de la crème. No longer should you allow yourself to undergo mental torture when shopping for a product. Our honest review will give you the best you can ever imagine.

Buying Guide

While it is true that most buyers get satisfied with the information provided during the product review, it is justifiably wrong to assume the buying guide is of least importance. The product review will only give you a description of the product. To get the little specificities that will eventually apply to you as an individual consumer, it is ideal that you go through the buyer’s guide as well. Our buyer’s guide addresses you into finer details. For instance, when setting up a gazebo at your backyard, whatever applies to customer A might be entirely irrelevant for you. Our buying guides are always specific to various products that we feature in the product review section. We do our best to avail to you as much information as possible.

Purchase Tips

Anyone who has had to choose from a variety of products will admit it that decision making is occasionally full of pain. Well, this is not to say that the money you spend on the purchase wasn’t hard earned. Of cause, it never came easily. Much as deciding on which product to go for might not be a cup of tea for everyone, the entire process of getting the very best should not make you rattle your teeth bitterly. Bongchhlat is in place to take your worries away. At Bongchhlat, we provide you with tips about anything from the best items for milking a cow to what to use when diving in the deepest sea you can ever imagine. Not everyone gets an opportunity to test each product and learn everything about it from scratch. If you take your time to go through the tips we provide, you will never get it wrong. Enjoy your purchase moments thanks to our purchase tips.


The entertainment industry has in the recent past experienced a significant influx in terms of growth. Many artists have come on board, displaying their best of talents. These talents, of cause, go a long way in ensuring you stay jovial and vibrant even at a time when you seem to be experiencing the tight ropes of life. Be it that you are hosting an event and need to keep your guests entertained, or you are just bored in the house and need something to put a smile on your face, we have you covered. We harbor a lot from the entertainment sect, and we practically do our best to provide something for everyone all under the same roof. It will only take you a click of a mouse button to land on our page of entertainment. No more worries, no more boring moments. At Bogchhlat, it is settled.


We all have a life to live, and this is a fact which is undeniably right. Each one has a way of doing things, and this is what brings about the desired diversity in the human race. When we talk lifestyle, we address various issues such as healthy feeding tips, fashions, physical fitness, healthy daily practices, and yoga to mention but a few. Do you live upcountry or in an apartment within a busy city? It doesn’t matter. All we do is to avail the necessary lifestyle tips that will help you get the best out of your life. You don’t have to break your bank to live your desired experience, do you? Grab our lifestyle tips, and you will be the best-known person in your life. Nothing can surely stop you.

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